La Palangana Ranch Resources
La Palangana has many assets, some of which are leased and some of which are available.  The
ranch is owned by the Schallert Family heirs and is administered by La Palangana Ranch
Management LLC.  Contact the LLC for further information regarding any of the assets.

Water resources located under the surface are extensive and have been proven in past years.

La Palangana Ranch Management is open to conversations concerning water usage in and around
Duval county.

The La Palangana salt dome is one of the largest domes located west of the Mississippi River.

  • If viewed from above it is a mushroom shaped structure covering over 4000 acres and is
    estimated to be approximately 35,000 feet deep.
  • Mined for years by solution mining where over 3 billion pounds of high quality salt was
  • The caverns produced from mining did not deplete the large mass which exists, as the
    deepest dome is only 1500 feet deep and about 600 feet in diameter.
  • The Palangana dome is comprised of very high quality salt, which is an excellent material to
    be used in the storage of many types of materials due to the impervious nature of salt.
  • More information can be found on the Handbook of Texas Online

Currently, there is a "brine lease only" in place on the property.

  • The only permitted use under this lease is brine production.  
  • This leaves the potential of safe waste storage from E & P waste to a multitude of other
    hazardous wastes.

Multiple layers of potential oil and gas have been located in several areas of the ranch.

Oil was produced many years ago from wells on the property, primarily from shallow wells.  In the
past few years with the advent of 3D Seismic information,  gas has been shown to exist under the
property in the Queens City deposit.  
There are no current oil or gas leases for production or
exploration in place on the property
.  The LLC also has mineral interest in another 385 acre property,
not currently leased and located in the Duval County area.

For many years early in the 1900's sulphur has been mined on the property.  

Texas Gulf Sulphur Company put in a rail-spur to facilitate shipping the sulphur off the ranch.  They
later moved to Boling, Texas which is still their headquarters.  
There is no current sulver operation or
lease in place on the property today.

Many types of game are found on the property including deer, quail, and javelina.  

The ranch is currently leased for hunting.

La Palangana is rich with uranium deposits in identified areas of the ranch.

One of the first known ISL uranium mining operations in the United States was operating in the early
1970's; it may in fact have been the first but is was not operated as a commercial venture.  Union
Carbide used it basically as a research project to experiment with In Situ mining techniques.  Very
little was removed, however, they located about 6 million pounds in the 6200 acres around the La
Palangana salt dome.  Today, U
ranium Energy Corporatoin has the uranium lease and ISL mining of
the d
eposits have been ongoing for several years.

Ranching has been carried on since the early 1900's at La Palangana.  

here is no current grazing lease on the property. Contact any of the co-managers to inquire about a
grazing lease.

The salt domes located under La Palangana demonstrates a real potential for material storage.

Although the salt dome is leased for the production of brine, no other leases exist involving the
.  This leaves the potential for the storage of many varied types of materials.  La Palangana
Ranch Management, LLC, would consider working with a company to
on the property.

Please contact the LLC to obtain further information concerning any of the above assets.

Ranch Resources
Owned and Operated by La Palangana Ranch Management LLC

Family Co-Managers:

Charles Ragland                                         Dave Kozel         

Robert G. Williams                                     William Steelhammer